Exit awards packet (PIR) 2021

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The PIR exit awards packet is used to report a higher education award course completion for a student who has a course admission record with the provider, but not for the course that has been completed. Each PIR exit awards packet must be linked to an established course admission packet and an established course packet.


Providers may report a PIR exit awards packet for each student who is to be granted a higher education award where the course leading to the award is related to, but does not exactly match, the course on the course admission record the provider has for the student.

Reporting deadlines

Early exit awards awarded in 2021 are due to be reported in August 2022.

Initial reporting requirement

Element Reporting requirement
UID15: Course admission resource key or

E313/E307/E534: Unique course admission combination

Required for all in‑scope exit awards
UID5: Course resource key or

E307: Course code

Required for all in‑scope exit awards
E599: Course outcome code Required for all in‑scope exit awards
E592: Course outcome date Required for all in‑scope exit awards


Each PIR exit awards packet must have a unique combination of the values for:

  • course admission identifier (UID15 or combination of E313/E307)
  • course identifier (UID5 or E307)
  • course outcome date (E592).

Reporting notes

The course identifier (UID5 or E307) in the PIR exit awards packet must be the course for which the award is being granted. The course admission identifier (UID15 or E313/E307/E534) is the related course admission. If the student is not continuing with the course in the related course admission record, the course outcome code (E599) on that PIR course admission packet must be revised to indicate that the student has 'transferred to complete a related course'. If the student is continuing the related course admission, the exit award should be reported as ‘completed but continuing a related course'.