First reported address packet 2024

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The first reported address packet is used to make corrections to the student's first reported residential address data.

The initial values for all data elements in the first reported address packet are automatically generated by the system from the first time residential address data reported through the student packet as per the table below. The values in the first reported address packet are not affected by any revisions made to address data in the student packet.


Providers are required to revise the data in the first reported address packet only when the provider becomes aware that the stored data values do not correctly reflect a student's original residential address.

Initial reporting requirement

Not applicable.


Not applicable.

Revising data

A provider can correct the data in a first reported address packet after the initial packet is created by the system.

TCSI Data Entry file upload

There is one template for revising first reported addresses.

Templates for TCSI Data Entry are available on the Higher education file templates page.