Specialisation packet 2024

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The specialisation packet is used to report specialisation codes (E463) for the student's course. A specialisation packet for a student in a course will be created as part of the course admission packet if the provider reports a value for the specialisation code (E463) when that course admission packet is established. Otherwise, a provider may create up to four specialisation packets later to report up to four specialisation codes (E463) for a student in a course.


Providers are required to report a specialisation packet only when the specialisation code (E463) was not reported through the original course admission packet or when two or more specialisation codes (E463) apply to a student in a course.

Initial reporting requirement

Element Reporting requirement Deadline
E463: Specialisation code Required if a specialisation is known or on completion and has not been reported through the course admissions packet Within 7 days of the student completing the course


Each specialisation packet must have a value for specialisation code (E463) that is unique for the student in the course.

Revising data

A provider can update or correct the data in a specialisation packet after the initial packet is reported. The value on a specialisation packet is to be correct as at the current date or the course outcome date (E592), whichever date is earlier.

TCSI Data Entry file upload

Specialisations are updated on the Course admission files available for download on the course admissions group page.