TCSI Newsletter September 2020

The TCSI Newsletter helps to keep our Higher Education and VET Student Loans providers, vendors and TCSI developers up to date as we get closer to going live.

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What can you do while you wait for your software and TCSI to go live?

The TCSI Providers Journey map and Provider Transition Checklist detail what you can do to prepare for your transition to TCSI.

These can both be found on the TCSI Support website on the Transitioning to TCSI page.

Make a plan for reporting continuing students

The majority of data for continuing students is already migrated to TCSI from HEIMS.

That means that when you go live in TCSI you only need to report new events as they happen e.g. new unit enrolments, updates, withdrawals and completions.

 The following data packets have been migrated from HEIMS to TCSI:

  • Courses
  • Students
  • Course admissions
  • Course completions
  • Unit enrolments
  • Courses of study [HE only]
  • OS-HELP [HE only]
  • SA-HELP [HE only]

 The data you report through HEPCAT into HEIMS is then migrated overnight.

Check your migrated data

Another step you can do now is to look at your migrated data and think about how it fits in with your system and your student management software.

It will be important to understand the differences between the data stored in your system and the TCSI Database. This will make it easier to revise migrated records in the future.

Now is also a great opportunity to do a thorough check of your data reported in HEIMS. Some revisions will be easier on a system you know and ensuring your data is error-free will make your transition to TCSI smoother.

To view the data that has been migrated to TCSI from HEIMS please follow the instructions under the “Requesting you TCSI data extract” heading on the Transitioning to TCSI page.

Make a schedule for how you will update TCSI

We recommend you start by sending a small number of records and checking the results as you go. This will help you to monitor your solution and correct any errors as they occur.

Once you have confirmed that your processes are working, you can fully transition to TCSI and embrace near real-time reporting.