Termination for Commonwealth Scholarships

A termination reason code (E538) is only to be used by the provider if a scholarship recipient fails to comply with a condition of the scholarship.

A termination reason code (E538) must not be reported unless the scholarship status (E526) is terminated (‘3’). When reporting the termination of a scholarship, the HEP needs to either report the termination status and the termination reason concurrently or report the termination status first and then the reason second.

It is critical to understand that terminations to the Commonwealth Scholarship are different to the scholarship expiring.

If a scholarship recipient completes the scholarship, or the scholarship has become expired, do not report the scholarship in the next reporting period.

Please see Section 26 of the ISSP Grants Guidelines 2017 for conditions of terminating an Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarship.

Application of glossary term:
  • Commonwealth scholarship (HE)