Validation error 10164

Inconsistent Course Outcome Code (E599)/Commonwealth Scholarship Status Code (E526)


A student with an active Commonwealth Scholarship Status Code (E526) has a Course Outcome Code (E599) indicating that the student has ceased study.

Error Logic

If the Course Outcome Code (E599) is amended to '1', '2', '3', '4' or '6' for the Course Admission Resource Key (UID15) and the Student Resource Key (UID8) has no other current Course Admission Resource Keys (UID15) for the Higher Education Provider Code (E306) with a Course Outcome Code (E599) that is blank (null), then the Student Resource key (UID8) should not have a Commonwealth Scholarship Status Code (E526) of '1' for a Commonwealth Scholarships Resource Key (UID12) with a Reporting Year (E415)/Reporting Period (E666) in which reporting date of the amendment falls.

Error Resolution

Please check the Commonwealth Scholarship Status Code (E526) and the Course Outcome Codes (E599) for all course admissions the student has with the provider. A student who no longer has a current course admission (E599 is not blank) with the provider should not have an active Commonwealth scholarship (E526 is '1') with the provider.


ITSP Error Code: 10164
HEP: Yes
Rule type: Warning
Related elements:
Element Name: Course outcome code
Packet: Course admission packet 2022