Validation error 10147

Inconsistent Highest Attainment Code (E620)/Course Outcome Date (E592)/Course of Study Type (E310)


The Highest Attainment Code (E620) for the course admission is inconsistent with a course completion record previously reported for the student at the provider.

Error Logic

If the Highest Attainment Code (E620) is not blank (null) for the Course Admission Resource Key (UID15) and there is an active Course Admission Resource Key (UID15), active Exit Awards Resource Key (UID46) or active Aggregate Awards Resource Key (UID47) in the database with a Course Outcome Date (E592) that is not blank (null) and a Course of Study Type (E310) of '06', '07' or '11', for the combination of Student Resource Key (UID8)/Higher Education Provider Code (E306), then any Course Admission Resource Key (UID15) with Course of Study Commencement Date (E534) that is later than the Course Outcome Date (E592) for the combination of Student Resource Key (UID8)/Higher Education Provider Code (E306) must have a Highest Attainment Code (E620) of '110', '120', or '200'.

Error Resolution

Please check the Highest Attainment Codes (E620) for the current course admission and previous course completion records that have been reported by the provider for the student. The provider has previously reported the completion of a postgraduate award by the student (Course of Study Type (E310) of '06', '07' or '11'). If this completions record is accurate, the Highest Attainment Code (E620) for the current course must be '110' (doctoral degree), '120' (masters degree) or '200' (graduate certificate or diploma).


ITSP Error Code: 10147
HEP: Yes
Rule type: Fatal
Related elements:
Element Name: Highest attainment code
Packet: Course admission packet 2022
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Exit awards packet 2022
Course packet 2022
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