Validation error 10039

Inconsistent Field of Education Code (E461)/Course of Study Type (E310) combination


The Field of Education Code (E461) is inconsistent with Course of Study Type (E310).

Error Logic

If the first 2 characters of the Field of Education Code (E461) is '12', then the associated Course of Study Type (E310) must be '30'.

Error Resolution

Please check that the Course of Study Type (E310) and the Field of Education Code (E461) are both correct. E461 can only be a mixed field program ('12nnnn') for an enabling program (where E310 is '30').


ITSP Error Code: 10039
HEP: Yes
TAC: Yes
Rule type: Fatal
Related elements:
Element Name: Field of education code
Packet: Course packet 2022
Course fields of education packet 2022
Course of study packet 2022
Preferences group 2022
Offers group 2022