TCSI Newsletter March 17 2021

The TCSI Newsletter helps to keep our Higher Education and VET Student Loans providers up to date with the TCSI environment and transition.

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Commencing onboarding to TCSI

The final date to commence onboarding to TCSI is:

  • COB 31 March 2021 for higher education providers
  • COB 8 April 2021 for VSL and dual providers – This exception for VSL data enables providers to submit March census dates for payment via HEPCAT if required.

Onboarding process

The first step in the onboarding process is to close HEPCAT access for student data.

The next step is to migrate providers’ historical data to the TCSI Data Lake.

We appreciate that this second step has taken a little longer than originally anticipated for some larger providers.

The department and Services Australia have been working to improve the efficiency of the migration process. To help achieve this outcome, from Wednesday 17 March historical data for all API users will be migrated once all providers have onboarded to TCSI.

What this means is:

  • For API providers, you can now start reporting data in TCSI the day after HEPCAT has been turned off.  For example, if your HEPCAT access closes on COB 30 March, you can start reporting data in TCSI from 31 March.

    This is because APIs don’t require data migration to operate, so we will not be filling the lake with your data until all providers are onboarded. 

    We will email your key contacts when HEPCAT has been closed on your nominated date and you are ready to start reporting in TCSI.  

  • For the TCSI Data Entry portal users, your historical data will continue to be migrated to the TCSI Data Lake before you start reporting in TCSI. This means you will not be able to read or send any data to TCSI until the lake filling process has been completed. This is to support the TCSI file upload and search functionalities. 

    We will email your key contacts when your data migration has been completed and you are ready to start reporting in TCSI.