TCSI system update

Unplanned outage resolved in production

The unplanned production outage is now resolved and the TCSI APIs and TCSI Data Entry portal can be used to report and retrieve data. The unplanned outage prevented TCSI reporting from 1.45am to 1.00pm (AEST) on 3 June 2022.

Provider Notifications Report restored

The partial outage in TCSI Analytics has been resolved and the Provider Notifications Report is now returning the current list of scheduled validations. Any existing scheduled validations will clear overnight (if the record was fixed in TCSI before 11pm).

The Provider Notifications Report now includes the notification error code. Providers can use the error code to:

  • find more information on the scheduled validations guide
  • sort and filter their report more efficiently
  • explain issues when contacting TCSI Support.

VET Student Loans – unit outcome before census date

TCSI has been updated to allow VET Student Loans to be raised at the ATO where a unit is completed, failed or assessed for recognised prior learning before the census date (i.e. Unit of Study Status Code (E355) = ‘2’, ‘3’, or ‘5’). VET units that are withdrawn on or before the census date will not attract a loan (i.e. E355 = ‘1’ or ‘6’ and E601 <= E489).

Work is continuing on the backlog of units of study in TCSI that should have loans attached. A new issue (274104) has been raised to address the backlog of units. 

HECS-HELP loans with ‘ACCEPTED’ loan status

The known issue 259619 has been resolved and many loans have transferred to the ATO. If providers are still seeing loans with and ACCEPTED status, please refer to the Troubleshooting the transfer of loan data to the ATO on the TCSI Support website.

Please see the loan processing guide for more detail on loan statuses.

USI verification re-triggering

Unverified Unique Student Identifiers (USI) were re-triggered on 1 June 2022 and will continue to attempt verification each night for 42 days. This verification picked up some students missed in the USI verification which was re-triggered on 11 May 2022. USI verification is not being re-triggered for students without any unit enrolments after 1 January 2021. This prevents unnecessary verification work for students who do not require a verified USI in TCSI for 2022. Known issues 138224 and 165485 are still under development as the permanent solution.

Keeping up to date

For the latest on outages and known issues please see the TCSI Tracker.