Element E574 - Highest educational attainment parent 2


A code which provides information about the highest educational attainment of a second parent or guardian as identified by the student

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Code category Element (E)
Element # 574
Element Type: String
Width: 2
Version Revision Date:
Version: 6.00
Years version active: 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Allowable Values

20 Postgraduate qualification (e.g. Postgraduate Diploma, Master's, PhD)
21 Bachelor Degree
22 Other post school qualification (e.g. VET Certificate, Associate Degree or Diploma)
23 Completed Year 12 schooling or equivalent
24 Did not complete Year 12 schooling or equivalent
25 Completed Year 10 schooling or equivalent
26 Did not complete Year 10 schooling or equivalent
49 Don’t know
99 No information provided by the student