Scheduled Validation error SV00033


New and amended Unit Enrolment records submitted after 1st January 2021, where the student is enrolled at the end of the census date. That is, only run these checks for records where the Unit of Study Outcome Date (E601) is null or after the Unit of Study Census Date (E489).


If E661 is '1101', '1102', or '1199', then E319 must not be blank (null)


Term Address Postcode (E319) must be populated when Term Address Country Code (E661) is Australia.

Lead in time

21 days

Trigger Date

Unit of Study Census Date (E489) minus 7 days

Deadline Date

Unit of Study Census Date (E489) plus 14 days


Unit Enrolment Census Date

Logic for updated data

Checked nightly after trigger date

Logic for deleting a message

When nightly review detects that Term Address Postcode (E319) is not blank (null).


Error code: SV00033
Notification Category Code: SVE
Origin: Scheduled validation
HEP: Yes
VET: Yes
Element Number: E319
Element Name: Term Address Postcode
Packet: Student packet 2022