Course admissions group


Course admission packet (VET)

The course admission packet is used report the admission of students into courses and provide data on aspects of the student's admission and engagement in the course. Each course admission packet must be linked to an established student packet and established course packet. The data collected through a course admission packet is referenced by one or more unit enrolment packets.

Basis for admission packet (VET)

The basis for admission packet is used to report a second basis for admission code (E327) for the student's admission into a course. The first basis for admission code (E327) for a course is created as part of the course admission packet.

Course prior credit packet (VET)

The course prior credit packet is used to report the additional credit values and codes (E560 and E561) when credit is applied towards the requirements of the course for the student on more than one occasion. The credit values and codes for first time credit is applied towards a course are reported as part of the course admission packet. A provider may create as many additional course prior credit packets as necessary to add additional credits that are applied towards a course for the student.

TCSI Data Entry file upload

There is one template for uploading all the information in the Course admissions group, including the information types:

  • Course admission
  • Basis for admission
  • Course prior credit

Templates for TCSI Data Entry are available on the VET Student Loans file templates page.