Unit enrolments group


Unit enrolment packet

The unit enrolment packet is used to report a student’s enrolment in units of study. Each unit enrolment packet must be linked to an established course admission packet.

AOU packet

The AOU packet is used to report load and amount data for multiple academic organisational units for a unit enrolment. An AOU packet will be created as part of the unit enrolment packet if the provider reports a value in the AOU extension when the unit enrolment packet is established. Otherwise, a provider may create an AOU packet later and can create as many AOU packets as necessary to spread the load and amount data across multiple academic organisational unit codes (E333).

There are two templates for uploading all the information in the Unit enrolments group.

The Unit enrolment file, for unit enrolments reported without Academic organisational unit codes (AOUs)

The Unit enrolment (AOU) file, for unit enrolments reported with AOUs including information types:

  • Unit enrolment
  • AOU

Templates for TCSI Data Entry are available on the Higher education file templates page.