HDR end-user engagement packet 2021

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The HDR end-user engagement packet is used to report one or more types of end-user engagement for a student undertaking a higher degree by research (HDR) course and the timeframes associated with each engagement. A provider may create as many HDR end-user engagement packets as necessary to report all the types of end-user engagements that apply to a student throughout their course and the timeframes that apply to each engagement type.


Providers are required to report a HDR end-user engagement packet for a student only when there is an end-user engagement as part of the student's HDR course.

Initial reporting requirement

Providers are required to create and/or revise HDR end-user engagement packet/s for every in‑scope student who commenced or ceased an end-user engagement in 2021 by 31 January 2022.

NOTE (updated 21 December 2021):
Due to changes in HDR end-user engagement reporting from 1 January 2022, engagements for 2021 are not required in TCSI until providers have adopted the new format (31 January 2023 at the latest).

Initial reporting requirement

Element Reporting requirement Deadline
*E593: HDR end-user engagement code Required for all in-scope students 31 January 2022
*E609: HDR end-user engagement effective from date Required for all in-scope students 31 January 2022
E610: HDR end-user engagement effective to date Required for all in-scope students where the end date of the engagement is known 31 January 2022

*These elements must be reported together when a new HDR end-user engagement packet is created


Each HDR end-user engagement packet must have a value for the HDR end-user engagement code (E593) that is unique to the student in the course on any given date, as determined by HDR end-user engagement effective dates (E609 and E610).

Revising data

A provider can correct the data in a HDR end-user engagement packet after the initial packet is reported. All values on a HDR end-user engagement packet are to be correct as at the current date or the course outcome date (E592), whichever is earlier.

TCSI Data Entry file upload

HDR end-user engagements are updated on the Course admission files available for download on the course admissions group page.