TCSI Update 24 November 2020

The updates includes:

  • a reminder to confirm your transition date and key contacts via the request for information
  • an invite to the TCSI provider webinar next Wednesday 18 November
  • changes to the reporting requirements for the 2021 higher education collections
  • VET Student Loans element changes (no impact)
Following up on your TCSI Request for Information
Image of clock showing urgency Thank you to the providers who have completed the request for information to give us their latest key contact details and transition date.

We are using this information to plan our communications so they are tailored to your transition plan. 

The CEOs and Vice Chancellors at each provider was sent an invitation to complete a the request for information. We will be following up next week to ensure we have an update from each provider. This activity should take approximately 5 minutes to complete on any mobile, tablet or computer with internet access.

Do you need your link to be re-sent If you would like further information about this request or need your link to be re-sent, please reply to this email at