TCSI update - the updated Scheduled validations fact sheet is now live on the TCSI Support website

Providers can access the updated fact sheet on the Notifications page under the Scheduled validations heading.

Release 2 of the Scheduled validations was released today, Friday 18 February 2022. This release will result in approximately 1.6 million notifications across 267 providers.

Release 2 includes the following scheduled validations:

  • Unit Enrolment Census Date:  SV0001 – SV00040, SV00044, SV00046, SV00099 – SV00100, SV00102-SV00105, SV00108
  • OS-HELP Debt Incurral Date:  SV00047 – SV00063, SV00095
  • SA-HELP Debt Incurral Date: SV00069 – SV00078

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