TCSI Update - TCSI Outages

TCSI Production outage to be extended

The regular fortnightly production release window will be extended so that it runs from 8am to 1pm [AEST] on Friday 20 May. The extra time is required to implement critical fixes so that an unplanned outage does not occur over the weekend.  

An additional outage is planned for 27 May 2022 from 8.00am - 10:00am.

Re-commencing Friday 3 June 2022 - production outages will be run every second week from 8.00am - 10:00am.  

TCSI Test outage resolved

The test environment experienced an unplanned outage from Monday 16 May. The issue will be resolved by 4pm [AEST] on 19 May when the environment will be available for external API testing.   

Scheduled validation clearing

Some scheduled validations have not cleared from provider notifications reports and API calls despite being resolved in production. An issue has been added to the list of outstanding issues and will be updated when investigation is complete and a due date for resolution is known.

Please check the TCSI Tracker for the latest information on TCSI environments, outages and issues in production.

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