TCSI Update - September 2021

Release of TCSI roadmap for 2021 delivery

The TCSI Data Collections team have released a high level roadmap for new TCSI development occurring in the second half of 2021.

This roadmap will help providers and vendors to prepare their staff and systems for upcoming changes to the TCSI system.

We are planning to release a more detailed timeline for each of the features outlined in the roadmap in the coming weeks.

TCSI Support drop-in sessions

You are invited to our new TCSI drop-in sessions, with the next session on Wednesday, 8 September at 2pm AEST.

We are hosting these sessions throughout September so you have a space to discuss your TCSI related queries with our TCSI experts. Please go to our TCSI webinars page to register for upcoming drop-in sessions.

These informal drop-in sessions will not be used to share new information on TCSI. You can continue to read emails, newsletters and attend the monthly webinars to stay across the latest developments in TCSI.

These sessions will provide a space for discussion of issues that are complex. Our presenters will also attempt to solve the problems live, so you can see where resources are available and how they can be used to better understand the reporting requirements.

You are welcome to ask questions without notice or you can send questions in advance to with the subject line: ‘Question for TCSI drop-in session’. Please note we will check that you are attending before opening discussion on your question.

You can manage your own subscriptions and forward emails to colleagues and co-workers who may be interested in TCSI news and notices. Please check your subscription preferences to make certain we have the right contact details and that you're getting all the information you need.