TCSI Update - 2020 Student Data Verification

2020 higher education data verification reports

A process to follow for the verification of the 2020 higher education student data has been released. This process will be a manual process this year as the TCSI Online Verification process is still under development.

From Wednesday 22 September 2021, providers will be able to access 2020 student verification data from via the FTP server to ensure data security.

The reports provided for verification are designed to provide an aggregate view of some of the major data elements. Categories for student data tables for 2020 student data verification include:

  • Commencing student enrolments
  • All Student Enrolments
  • Student Load (EFTSL)
  • Student Liability Status type
  • Past Course Completions
  • Unit record files

We request that you view and sign off the data submitted to HEIMS/TCSI for 2020 by Friday 8 October 2021 via sending an email to the University Statistics mailbox.