TCSI test environment update

The test environment was disabled on 16 January 2023 following the compromise of a software vendor’s credentials. TCSI Support understands the ongoing need for a test environment that providers can use to test their systems and processes before they make changes in production.

The test environment has now been made available for providers with urgent testing needs including the introduction of student learning entitlement validations.

The Services Australia review of the test environment has indicated that a refresh of the test environment is required to remove all reported and mock-migrated data (i.e. curriculum, student, staff, applications and offers collections). The refresh will require an outage that will run from 4pm on 24 February through to 4 March. If you require an extract of your test data, please complete a data extract request before 3pm on 22 February (AEDT). Separate forms will be needed if you require data from multiple test accounts.

Where possible, configurations for existing mock provider accounts will be retained after the refresh, including provider types, provider effective dates, and VET Student Loan approved course lists.

TCSI Support will notify providers and TCSI developers of the detailed re-application process when requirements are finalised.