Reporting Requirements For The 2022 Higher Education Data Collections

The 2022 Ministerial Notice

The key changes are requirements for the submission of the University Applications and Offers data collection and the Higher Education Staff data collection in the Tertiary Collection of Student Information (TCSI). These collections were deferred from the original deployment of TCSI in December 2020.

Further changes to reporting requirements have been made:

Extension of the loan fee exemption for higher education HELP loans

These loans have been exempted from a loan fee for a further six months, from 30 June to 31 December 2021. TCSI will not accept loan fees for this period.

Tuition Protection Scheme (TPS)

The expansion of the successful TPS model to domestic higher education up-front, fee-paying students at private providers is part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to safeguarding the integrity and reputation of higher education loans programs.

To offer the same level of protection to all students requires providers to report additional data for domestic fee-paying students such as name and address details (currently only reported for students accessing Commonwealth assistance). This increase in the scope on the student packet is detailed in the 2022 Ministerial Notice Change Control document on the TCSI Support website 2022 Higher Education Reporting Requirements page.

The TAP is a $5,000 Commonwealth payment to school leavers from outer regional or remote areas who relocate for full-time, tertiary education at an education provider. Providers will need to collect TAP data manually, as in 2021, until the details for reporting via TCSI are available.

Additional changes

In addition to the above changes, minor clarifications and corrections to the reporting requirements are included and identified in the Change Control document.