Provider Information Request - reporting due dates

On 18 May the department sent a formal confirmation to CEOs acknowledging the strong partnership between our organisations in commencing your transition to the Tertiary Collection of Student Information (TCSI) system and resetting the due dates for PIR Student data, PIR staff data, and data verification. 

The letter acknowledged the efforts made by you and your organisation and expressed thanks for persevering in what is a significant transformation that ultimately helps students. 

Your engagement in training sessions, reviewing reporting requirements and beginning to develop your reporting solution will help make the transition as smooth as possible. 

These changes were planned to provide time for you to support the technical integration of new capability with your vendors and to allow your reporting staff to link to the new functionality and work through issues with our TCSI Support team.

The new reporting deadlines for PIR student and PIR staff data is the end of August 2022. Data verification will follow in September 2022.

The TCSI Support team will provide further details and will be available to answer your questions at the PIR provider drop-in webinar on 26 May. Please see Webinars | TCSI Support to register.