Prepopulating TCSI with HEIMS data

We are currently analysing all the data in HEIMS to work out how we can best move this information to the new TCSI environment.

Verified historical data

HEIMS holds the authoritative source of information on higher education in Australia. It is important that the value of this dataset is not lost, including the ability to observe change over time.

Verified data will continue to be stored for statistical purposes, providing the evidence base for publications and policymaking. In line with current practice, verified data cannot be revised.

Live data

HEIMS also holds critical live data that supports the ongoing administration of billions of dollars in provider payments and student debts. As we move to TCSI we need to make sure we take the critical live information with us so providers can correct any administrative errors that might affect a student or provider payment.

The 2020 packets with critical information include:

  • Courses of study (HE only)
  • Courses
  • Students
  • Course admissions
  • Units of study
  • Unit enrolments
  • Commonwealth scholarships (HE only)
  • OS‑HELP (HE only)
  • SA‑HELP (HE only)

The following 2020 packets will not be prepopulated with historical HEIMS data. They will be starting empty ready to receive new live data in 2020:

Higher education

  • Campuses
  • Courses on campus (including Course campus fees)
  • Applications, preferences, offers
  • Full-time and Casual staff
  • Course admission shortcuts (Exit awards and Aggregated awards)

VET Student loans

  • Delivery locations

The attachments below give more detail around the elements in each packet and how they are planned to be migrated to TCSI.