New method to accessing HEIMS Online

From 10 July 2023, Multi-factor Authentication will replace the current process for logging into HEIMS Online. This new process will apply to users who access external facing applications provided within HEIMS Online i.e., funding programs or to view HEIMS legacy data. This security upgrade by the department will protect these applications from cyber threats.

Current users of HEIMS Online from 10 July will no longer be able to use their credentials to log directly into HEIMS Online as the URL will be re-directed to the PRODA log in screen to complete the 2-step authentication process. This process will be familiar for users of TCSI services who report data. PRODA is a secure and safe method that providers use to access government services for TCSI reporting and view TCSI Analytics Reports.

From 28 June, the attributes to access HEIMS Online will be available in PRODA, for Directors to start adding roles to their members who access HEIMS applications. The PRODA webpage on TCSI Support has also been updated to include these new attributes.

Each organisation will now have the ability to manage staff members access for HEIMS within PRODA.  Managing these attributes in PRODA will remove the requirement to complete and submit HEIMS access forms and request for password resets.

This new method for accessing HEIMS Online will apply to the following applications:

Program Funding Applications

To process Higher education estimates for CGS, HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP and OS-HELP loans.

Institution Payment Information Enables Higher education providers to view their institution payment information.
HEIMS Data View Reports To view reports on legacy data submitted to HEIMS prior to 2021.
Funding email notifications 

From August 2023 onwards, for users to continue to receive the program funding emails will need to subscribe to a new email service. Users do this by completing the subscription section on the HEIMS Online welcome screen and select the funding programs, as per the below screenshot.

Through this subscription process the organisation’s details from the users PRODA account will be linked to the email address provided. Only one email address will be stored for each subscriber. At any time, staff can choose to update their email address or unsubscribe from the service. 

To assist with managing subscriptions for funding notifications, staff who have not accessed HEIMS Online for a period of 12 months the department will be removed from the list. 

For the next payment run on 11 July the system generated email process will use the email addresses currently recorded in HEIMS and thereafter all future emails will be sourced from the subscription process. As mentioned, to access this and future payment information within HEIMS Online will require PRODA Directors to attribute applicable roles to their members in PRODA. To be ready for this upcoming payment run, providers can start allocating roles to their members now. This will ensure continued access to payment information. 

HEIMS Data View Reports

The HEIMS Online data view reports only contain legacy data reported to HEIMS up to 10 December 2020, prior to the release of TCSI. To get accurate, up to date data on students please use myHELPbalance, TCSI Analytics, or request a data extract from TCSI Support team.  

Further support

If you have any questions relating to this new method of accessing HEIMS or the email subscriptions, please contact