Higher education file upload templates now available

File upload templates for the higher education staff and applications and offers collections are now available via the TCSI Data Entry page at www.tcsisupport.gov.au/support/using-tcsi-data-entry. That page also hosts training videos and access to the 'file template user guide' to support you in preparing test files.

Three files cover the staff collection for all higher education providers. They are:

  • HEP Full Time Staff (includes work classifications)
  • HEP Casual Staff Actuals
  • HEP Casual Staff Estimates

More information on the higher education staff collection is available from www.tcsisupport.gov.au/reporting/hestaff/requirements.

There are also three files for the applications and offers collection for universities (Table A or Table B) and Tertiary Admission Centres. They are:

  • HEP Course Applications
  • HEP Course Preferences
  • HEP Course Offers

More information on the applications and offers collection is available from www.tcsisupport.gov.au/reporting/hestaff/requirements.

Test files can be sent to TCSI Support so they can be submitted on your behalf. If you have not conducted testing in the past, you will need to request a test account from TCSI Support before testing. Detail on the file upload testing process is available from www.tcsisupport.gov.au/Transitioning-to-TCSI/testing-for-providers.