2022 Student Verification has been activated

Verification of 2022 higher education Student data has now been activated and must be completed by 31 July 2023.    

What is Verification?  

Verification is part of the reporting requirements under the Higher Education Support Act (HESA) and is a declaration that the data reported for 2022 is complete, accurate and finalised. The department uses the verified data to reconcile your funding and to publish information on your organisation, including data on course completions and success rates.  

The verification process gives you a final opportunity to check your data carefully, as changes cannot be made to 2022 datasets after verification.  


Thank you to all the providers who have started to prepare for verification by addressing scheduled validations and checking live reports in TCSI Analytics. For more help with scheduled validations, please see the Scheduled Validations | TCSI Support page. If errors are newly identified in your verification reports please refer to the data packets for details on how to make corrections in TCSI.   

To view 2022 data in the verification reports, you may need to select the 2022 year in the Reporting Year filter in TCSI analytics.  


To assist you with understanding the verification process the Verification User Guide and coding notes for each of the reports are available from the Higher Education Data Verification section on the TCSI Analytics | TCSI Support website.  

We will continue to hold webinars and drop-in sessions to address your verification questions.  

A walkthrough of the verification process was recorded as part of the 7 June webinar, the link can be found here. A recording of the drop-in webinar from 21 June is available here.  

If you have any questions, please contact us at TCSIsupport@education.gov.au.