2020 Reporting Requirements

You can now access the final version of the data element specifications and data frameworks from the TCSI resources page, under the 2020 Reporting Requirements tab. The final scope, structure, and timing requirements will be on the webpage next week.

Feedback from the 2020 Reporting Requirements highlighted your concerns and identified several areas for improvement. These fell into the categories of timing, mandatory/required elements, scope, and effective dates. Please refer to the key changes, listed below, which were actioned as a result of this feedback.


  • We have replaced "working days" with "calendar days".
  • The 7 and 14 day turnarounds were confirmed as achievable in most cases. You can still report a record if you miss the 14 day due date (just like if you miss current reporting deadlines).
  • VET and higher education will have consistent timing requirements.
  • Reporting is always open, but you won't be required to report more than 6 months in advance of an event.
  • University Applications and Offers will have a single reference date for 2020.

Data Verification

  • Higher education half-year and full-year verification and VET statutory declarations will continue. Timeframes for statutory declarations are yet to be confirmed.

Data element specification changes

  • Remission reason code (E446) includes some additional codes to support recrediting arrangements specified under legislation.
  • Disability code (E615) has been updated to align with advice from the Australian Tertiary Education Network on Disability (ATEND).
  • The value for a postcode that cannot be reported is now '0000'. [The existing value '9999' is an actual postcode].
  • ATAR (E632) now starts at 0.05.
  • Amount paid upfront (E381) has been clarified to allow early reporting of anticipated payments before the payment is made by the student.

Scope Changes

The scope and structure requirements dictate what is required in 2020. Please note the listed changes to the Scope and Structure:

  • Completion reporting has been updated with new course outcome codes, aggregate award and exit award packet updates for higher education. Find out more at our Completions reporting article.
  • HELP loan amount, Loan Fee will be reportable by providers (TCSI won't calculate them).
  • We have simplified the terms "Mandatory minimum" and 'required' for each element. The scope now specifies the timeframe in which each element is required.
  • Student names are now mandatory for students who are Commonwealth assisted.
  • We have updated the element specifications to clarify that elements 598 Commonwealth Scholarship Amount and 623 RTP stipend amount are optional for 2020 and mandatory from 2021.

These changes have been made to accommodate your feedback and ensure our data collections are as robust as possible.

To aid your transition to the new solution, you also indicated you needed additional information about: