The length and related conditions which apply to a member of staff's substantive appointment or current duties:

Limited term

The effective substantive appointment or current duties are for a fixed period of time.

Tenurable term

The effective substantive appointment or current duties will normally last until retirement age. Staff with an academic classification and also staff with a non-academic classification who are employed on a permanent basis may be classified as having a tenurable term.

Tenurable terms may be of two types:

  • Probationary: an agreement exists to the effect that the member of staff's tenure or permanency will be confirmed after completion of a probationary period; and
  • confirmed: the member of staff has tenure or permanency, which may not have been preceded by a period of probation.

Other term

The term is neither limited term nor tenurable in type. Includes temporary or permanent appointments which are for an unspecified period of time or 'until further notice'.

It is possible that in respect of a member of staff's substantive appointment, they have a tenurable term, and in respect of their current duties they have a limited term. For example, if a Senior Lecturer (Level C) with tenure is appointed to be Head of School (Level E) for a three-year term, they would have a 'tenurable' appointment term code and a 'limited term' current duties term code.

Application of glossary term:
  • Casual staff (HE)
  • Full-time staff (HE)