Substantive appointment

The substantive appointment of a member of staff refers to the job or position for which they have an entitlement or would normally occupy in the absence of any acting appointment.

Where a member of staff acts temporarily in a job or position other than the one for which they have a substantive appointment, the acting job or position is not to be classed as being their substantive appointment. This convention applies even in circumstances where a member of staff has been formally appointed to an acting position after a competitive selection process. It also applies irrespective of the length of the acting arrangement, and in cases where the acting appointment is until further notice.

If a member of staff's classification level or term of appointment changes on a permanent basis, their substantive appointment changes accordingly.

If there is a change in salary increment within the one classification level, their substantive appointment does not change.

A member of staff may have more than one substantive appointment with a higher education provider. This situation would exist, for example, where a member of staff has two appointments, each involving a fractional full-time work contract.

Application of glossary term:
  • Full-time staff (HE)