How first reported address is derived

The initial values for all data elements in the first reported address packet are automatically generated by the system from the first time residential address data reported through the student packet as per the table on the First reported address packet.

The same process was used in HEPCAT/HEIMS relying on the EN and HELP Due files and were not included in verification reports. This data was migrated into TCSI and is now visible and revisable. Many detailed address fields will be null because HEPCAT/HEIMS did not require detailed addresses for full-fee payers. There is no requirement to update these values for students who commenced prior to 2021.

The data stored for first reported address is returned in the bulk data extract and this is pulled from the TCSI database without transformation.

Revising first reported address

Student Management Software vendors may have delivered APIs to view and update this information directly from providers' systems.

If APIS are not available, changes can be made using the TCSI Data Entry portal. 

TCSI Data Entry file upload

The Revise first reported addresses files allow these details to be updated in bulk. You can find these files at:

The files need the information type “Address revision” and the student ID code and then all the other fields will overwrite what is in the database for the student. The file will not accept “NULL” but will accept blank/empty cells which will be reflected as NULL in the database.

For example, see the file templates pages linked above.

TCSI Data Entry records screens

The first reported address can also be updated from the student “Records” tab in TCSI Data Entry. Changes via the record screen can only be made one student at a time.

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