Exchange student

A student who is participating in a formal exchange program arranged between an Australian Higher education provider (HEP) and a non-Australian overseas education provider.

Australian exchange students

A Unit Enrolment is not to be reported for the following types of units of study for the Australian exchange student overseas:

  • units of study for which tuition fees are charged at the non-Australian overseas education provider;
  • units of study which are extraneous to the formal exchange program; or
  • units of study which will not be counted for credit towards the course enrolled in at the reporting Australian HEP

Where the above exclusions do not apply and a Unit Enrolment is to be reported for the study undertaken by the Australian exchange student, the Unit Enrolment is to be linked to the Course Admissions that the study will contribute towards at the Australian HEP.

International exchange students

For units of study undertaken in the Australian HEP by an overseas student who has come to Australia as part of a formal exchange program, and that student is paying a tuition fee, the reporting of data for that student is subject to the normal requirements for fee-paying overseas students.

A Unit Enrolment is not to be reported for overseas students who come to Australia either as an Exchange student or Study Abroad student as part of a formal exchange program and who are not being charged tuition fees by the Australian HEP.

Application of glossary term:
  • Unit enrolment (HE)