Cross-institutional program

A student is enrolled in a cross-institutional program if all of the following criteria are met:

  • a program of study comprising a unit or a set of units of study is being undertaken with one provider (the host provider) as part of a course of study for which the student is enrolled with another provider (the home provider); and
  • there is an arrangement for recognition between the two providers; and
  • the cost of providing the program of study at the host provider is met by the host provider; and the home provider is not being funded for the program of study through student contributions or tuition fees paid by the student, through the CGS in the case of Commonwealth supported students, or through funding provided by an employer, an Australian Government, State or Territory department or agency, or any other individual or body.


Application of glossary term:
  • Course of study (HE)
  • Unit enrolment (HE)