Combined course

A course which has been specifically designed to lead to a single combined award (e.g. BA/DipEd or BA/LLB) or to meet the requirements of more than one award (e.g. BEc and BEng).

A course which normally leads to a single combined award, but as a non-standard practice, allows a student to cease studies after partial completion of its requirements, but with an award being granted (e.g. a BA being granted after partial completion of a BA/DipEd) is to be regarded as a combined course.

Nested awards where, as standard practice, the student enrols in a higher level course (BSc) but can exit with a lower level award (DipSc) are not combined courses. Nested courses where the student starts in the lower course (DipSc) and progresses to the higher level award (BSc) are also not combined courses.

Application of glossary term:
  • Course of study (HE)