Element E498 - Entry cut–off for a domestic fee–paying place

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A code indicating the previous years’ lowest entry cut–off required for entry to a domestic fee–paying place for this course at this campus.

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Code category Element (E)
Element # 498
Element Type: Integer
Width: 4
Version Revision Date:
Version: 4.00
Years version active: 2019

Allowable Values

0000 An entry cut‑off is not applicable because:
  • It is not the sole criterion for offer of a domestic fee‑paying place; or
  • Course is not offered to a domestic fee‑paying place; or
  • It is never used as a selection criteria or part of a selection criteria; or
  • The course is a new course and an entry cut‑off has not yet been determined; or
  • The course is an offshore course.
0001 to 9995 Entry cut‑off (reported as a common index – see coding notes) to a domestic fee‑paying place for this award course