# Title

Language spoken at home code

v7.00: A code indicating use of a language other than English at the person's residence

Course of study load

v6.00: The aggregated EFTSL value for a course of study, summed across all units of study which meet the academic requirements for the course of study.

Unit of study code

v2.00: A code which uniquely identifies a unit of study

Unit of study status code

v4.00: A code which categorises the status of a student's unit of study.

Citizen resident code

v6.00: A code indicating a student's/applicant’s citizenship and residence status

Amount paid up front

v6.00: The student contribution or tuition fee amount which will be or has been paid for a unit of study or the amount of student services and amenities fees which will be or has been paid by the student.

Amount charged

v7.00: Amount charged for the unit of study or student services and amenities fee.

Maximum student contribution code

v6.00: A code that indicates which maximum student contribution was used in calculating the student contribution amount

Course of study name

v5.00: The full name of a course of study

Person identification code

v5.00: A code which uniquely identifies a member of staff within the Higher Education provider.