# Title

Term address postcode

v4.00: The Australian postcode for the residence in which the student lives during the term/period of study, as most recently advised.

Residential address postcode

v7.00: The Australian postcode of a student's/applicant's residence

Basis for admission code

v8.00: A code which identifies the applicant background and, for those with recent secondary education, the main assessment pathway used by the education provider in making an offer of admission to a course

Mode of attendance code

v7.00: A code which identifies the mode of attendance by which the student undertakes a unit of study OR the mode of attendance for a preference or offered course as indicated by an applicant

Type of attendance code

v5.00: A code which identifies whether a student is classified as being full-time or part-time.

Academic organisational unit code

v5.00: A code assigned by the Higher Education Provider which uniquely identifies the academic organisational unit providing a unit of study or part of a unit of study.

Work experience in industry code

v5.00: A code which identifies whether a unit of study consists wholly of work experience in industry

Equivalent Full–time student load

v6.00: The EFTSL value representing the student load for a unit of study

Country of birth code

v7.00: A code representing the country of birth of a student

Year of arrival in Australia

v7.00: The year in which a student/applicant, not born in Australia, first arrived in Australia.